Returning from La Victoria coffee farm!


San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo Forest Reserve is about a 4-5 hour drive up into the Sierra de Santa Marta.



14km from Santa Marta and 600m up into the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta you will find Minca. A small mountain town that is a gateway into the local coffee region. A haven for birdwatchers, those who want to hike into the Sierra or for those who just want to relax and take in the beautiful countryside.


Hacienda La Victoria do a very informative tour of their organic coffee farm; one of the first in all of Colombia. There is now a brewery on site where you can taste some locally made beers…on tap!

Las Cascadas Marinka
Walk to the waterfalls and enjoy the refreshing water.

Pozo Azul
Cool off in this fresh mountain water natural pool.

Las Piedras
Walk down to the huge boulders in the river just outside of town.

Los Pinos
The day trek to Los Pinos and back to Minca is a stunning walk, great for wildlife spotting. You will pass through cloud forest at the top and enjoy spectacular mountain views. It is also great exercise – as it’s a good 2.5 – 3 hours hard walking uphill whichever way you go!

Cerro Kennedy – viewpoint for Los Nevados (snow peaks)
Stunning views over the Sierra Nevada and of the highest snow peaks this close to the sea in the world. You can see the sea, the city and the snow at the same time.

Check out The Lazy Cat for the best food in town.


Casa Loma is a beautiful wooden hilltop hostel that offers one of the most amazing views from any hostel in Colombia, particularly at sunset! Perched above the town, you’ll overlook Minca, Santa Marta, the sea, plus the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and forest all at the same time—truly unique!