Parque Tayrona


The Tayrona National Natural Park (Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona) is a protected area in the Colombian northern Caribbean region 34 km from Santa Marta. The park presents a biodiversity endemic to the area of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range presenting a variety of climates (mountain climate) and geography that ranges from arid sea level to 900 meters above sea level. The park covers some 30 square kilometres of maritime area in the Caribbean sea and some 150 km² of land. Tell us in Aluna about your plans and we can set you up with a day trip or a longer stay at the park.


Catch the bus at Calle 11/Carrera 11 in the market. Costs about $6.000 and will take about an hour. The bus will drop you at El Zaino where you cross the road to the entrance where you pay. After that a collectivo for $2.000 will drive you to Cañveral. From there its about a 90 minute walk to Arefices and another 45 minute walk to Cabo San Juan.


Enjoy the beaches of Arefices*, La Piscina and Cabo San Juan. Take the walk through the jungle and look out for some exotic birds and the monkeys overhead. Climb up over the rocks to visit the Kogi village of Pueblito/Teyuna.

*You can not swim at Arefices as the current are too strong.